From the countryside of India to downtown New York, millions of people are sipping unique flavors of Tea from around the world. Come share with us this unique experience in a quiet relaxed setting.

​​​Tea House

Sip into something delicious

Black Teas

   Black Currant                                                      Harney & Sons

   Camomile Lemon Grass                                     Metropolitan Tea

   Canadian Breakfast                                            Metropolitan Tea

   Chocolate Mint                                                    Harney & Sons

   Cochin Masala Chai                                            Metropolitan Tea

   Cream Earl Grey                                                 Metropolitan Tea

   Diamond Jubilee                                                  Harney & Sons

   Irish Breakfast                                                     Harney & Sons

   Keemun Panda #1                                                Metropolitan Tea

   Valentines Blend                                                  Harney & Sons

Green Tea

    Bohemian Raspberry                                          Metropolitan Tea

    Jasmine with Flowers                                         Metropolitan Tea

    Long Island Raspberry                                       Metropolitan Tea

Herbal/Tisane/Fruit Tea

      Belgian Chocolate Rooibos                               Metropolitan Tea 

      Bella Coola                                                         Metropolitan Tea

      Bingo Blueberry                                                Metropolitan Tea

      Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos                      Metropolitan Tea

      Kids Bubblegum                                                Metropolitan Tea

      Mercedes Apple Spice                                       Metropolitan Tea

      New York Apple Spice                                      Metropolitan Tea

      Peppermint                                                         Harney & Sons

      Strawberry Kiwi                                                Metropolitan Tea

Organic Tea

     Organic Assam                                                    Metropolitan Tea

     Organic Roman Provence                                  Metropolitan Tea

     Organic Tibet Wild Lavender                           Metropolitan Tea

White Tea

     Wedding Tea                                                       Harney & Sons

      White Vanilla Grapefruit                                  Harney & Sons

Decaf Black Tea

     Vanilla Comoro                                                   Harney & Sons     

      Midsummer’s Peach                                           Harney & Sons

      Apricot                                                                 Harney & Sons

Savor The Moment